UA Coordinator Jumps Every Hurdle with Ease

“Agave Azul” by Amanda Halawani; Intermediate; Painting; Employee, Physics Department

The University of Arizona had a long running successful employee art exhibit entitled “On Our Own Time” and seven years ago decided to partner with The National Arts Program® to make it even better! The show grew to include often 200 artworks submitted from University of Arizona employees, staff, appointed professionals and their immediate family members.  

Although it is by no means an easy feat, Claudia Arias, Senior Program Coordinator for the University of Arizona School of Engineering, never backs down from the challenge. Like many of our coordinators Claudia has faced hurdles throughout the years when it comes to presenting almost two hundred pieces of art. When participation was low she reached out to the UA Student Media for help with promotion. When the gallery hosting their show suddenly laid off their staff, she relied on retiree volunteers to cover open gallery hours. She even took several vacation days just to assure that all was running smoothly during this year’s exhibition. The challenges were many and although she often runs into stumbling blocks during the task of coordinating the show she sticks with it and in the end is rewarded by the enormous gratitude of so many artists and their families. 

Claudia credits the whole team for making it happen but she is in no small part responsible for the extraordinary success of this annual showcase. When the show opened earlier this year it included an incredible collection of 197 artworks from 113 artists. Claudia is always thinking towards the future and has already begun looking for a new possible exhibit location. We applaud her for continuing to offer this amazing opportunity to so many deserving members of the University of Arizona community!

University of Arizona