Using Art to Navigate Orlando Airport

The NAP exhibition helps travelers traverse the airport with more than 150 pieces of art.
Orlando International Airport views art as an integral part of their airport design using their installations not only to bridge the architecture, but as a wayfinding element for passengers traversing the airport. By utilizing artwork to help travelers visually define their current location within the airport, they are able to determine how to get to their destination.
This technique applies not only to the permanent installations, but to rotating exhibits like the National Arts Program® exhibit entitled “Share the Art”.  This year’s exhibition was displayed in two different locations within the airport due to continuing terminal construction and the large number of participants who registered.  With the Youth/Teen artwork being display on the ‘A’ side of the security check point  and the Adult artwork on the ‘B’ side near the old ARTport gallery, the show provided not just one, but two wayfinding points for travelers.
Coordinator Vera Walker sees the separation not only as a positive with regards to navigating the airport, but it also allows the exhibit to have a more visible impact with travelers. Busy airport travelers like Kirsty Butler agreed stating, “We saw the show last week when we were flying home and very much enjoyed looking at the pieces.”   
So if you happen to be traveling through the Orlando Airport prior to the end of the month, make sure to keep an eye out for the Eleventh Annual “Share the Art” employee show. It just might help you find your way around!
Greater Orlando Aviation Authority