Vanderbilt University Medical Center, TN Goes Online with Registrations

The halls of a busy hospital health facility came alive this past month at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, TN. For the second year the walls of the medical center were adorned with works from the hospital staff and their family members. More than 130 pieces from as many artists were hung meticulously down the hallways. All participants registered with the new NAP online registration form.

Over 75 employees came to the opening reception to receive awards, some in amazement that their pieces were chosen by the judges. Our coordinator, Jenny Lewis, always gets calls when the artwork comes down asking when the show will be back.

The artwork also puts an artistic face to many co-workers while serving as the backdrop to several reception areas for outpatients. Patients and workers can be seen slowing down, peering intently at the artwork and generally appreciating the many talents of those around them.

The administration of Vanderbilt wholeheartedly supports the NAP and the results are increased awareness and visibility throughout the hospital

“Midtown Summer”
Walter Jermakowicz
Amateur, Second Place
Employee; School of Medicine


Vanderbilt University Medical Center