VCU Health Artists Shine in Exhibit and Online

“Burrowing Owl”; Kelly Williams; Amateur; Photography; Employee; Speech
Once again, VCU Health’s hallways were filled with the vibrant artwork of their employees and their immediate family members.   The show, now in its eleventh year with the National Arts Program®, completely transformed the busy first floor of the Main Hospital and Gateway Building with a display of more than 250 pieces of art. 
Along with the huge number of participating artists in their annual NAP show, VCU also has a large artist’s presence in the NAP’s online artist gallery.   Two such artists are Kelly Williams, a Speech Pathologist and Darli Aung, a Registered Nurse.  While both are busy employees at VCU, they not only found the time to enter this year’s show, but recently created accounts to share the artwork they entered with the NAP online community.  Like many of the other artists on our website, Darli included links to her social media accounts and her personal artist website where you can learn a little more about what inspires her to create her art.  Here is what Darli had to say about her works on paper piece entitled “Cautious”:
“I feel liberated when I paint…I am very happy I can paint… no matter how I do my art I am always reminded how happy this makes me feel… being able to create something that I will love forever like it has been imprinted in my heart and brain… and to know that this is my sweet escape…my escape route… my very own way to escape from this chaotic life… art… is something no one can ever take away from me…”
We truly love that participants from our VCU show are taking their NAP experience one step further and really putting their creativeness out there for the world to see!
Darli’s piece entitled “Cautious” and “Stare” on display in this year’s NAP show.

Darli’s piece entitled “Cautious” and “Stare” on display in this year’s NAP show.

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