Virtual Showcase for Pinellas County's 15th Annual NAP

Best of Show Award winner "The Desperate Man' a professional painting by artist, Dimitrios Gigurtsis.

This was the 15th Annual National Arts Program Exhibit for Pinellas County, FL. This year, they once again, had to hold a virtual showcase due to continued concerns about Covid 19. Coordinator Sarah Markofski moved the show to a different platform this year, utilizing Flickr to share the exhibition. When the virtual showcase finally opened there were a total of 222 works shared by 137 artists! It was quite an amazing collection of artworks, and we are so pleased that the show could be so successful during these years when the in-person showcase was not yet possible. In fact, the show was postponed for a time as everyone was preparing for Hurricane Ian, so there were several hurdles to overcome in making this show happen. Sarah, who is a seasoned coordinator, kept things on track and in the end, it was a great success! The artwork in the show came from a diverse group which represented twenty different Pinellas County Government departments. The Best of Show winner was a wonderful interpretation of a famous artwork, Le Désespéré an 1843-1845 self-portrait by Gustave Courbet. The winning painting pictured here was by Dimitrios Gigurtsis entitled ‘The Desperate Man’. Visit the Pinellas County, FL Venue page on our website to check out other featured artworks from their wonderful show! You can also view the entire showcase on Flickr by clicking here.

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