The Winners of the 5th Annual NAP Exhibition at Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport is pleased to recognize the winners of their 5th Annual NAP Exhibition. For pictures and more information regarding this venue, please visit their venue page of our website.
Adult Amateur
First Place – Gabriella Alicea
Second Place – Lorretta Gant
Third Place – J.P. Hyde
Honorable Mention(s) – Austin Beltran and George Martinez
Adult Intermediate
First Place – Jacky Cason
Second Place – Robin Horner
Third Place – Dawn Johnson
Honorable Mention(s) – Kyle Brown
Adult Professional
First Place – Matt Knopf
Second Place – Mark Birkebak
Third Place – Jerryl Kain
Honorable Mention(s) – Glen Freene and Julie Villanueva
Youth 12 & Under
First Place – Tzeitec Artica Quidgley
Second Place – Nicole Peery
Third Place – Alison Hahn
Honorable Mention(s) – Kathy Nordham and Anna Antolak
Teen 13-18
First Place – Eric Wolf
Second Place – Nathaniel Collier
Third Place – Larisa Larrea
Honorable Mention(s) – Norman Harshman
Best of Show – R.L. Alexandar
People’s Choice - Alexandra Conte (Youth 12 & Under) and LeeAnn Alexander (Intermediate)


Greater Orlando Aviation Authority