Winners from 6th Annual NAP Exhibition in Miami Beach, FL

The City of Miami Beach, FL announces the winners of their 6th Annual NAP Exhibition. To see pictures from this year's event, please visit their venue page of our website. Congrats to all the participants on another wonderful year!
Adult Amateur
First Place – Jamie Rozier
Second Place – Beatriz Dooley
Third Place – Michelle Cullen
Scholarship Award – Natasha Nicholson
Adult Intermediate
First Place – Robert Newman
Second Place – Karen Castilblanco
Third Place – Roger L/ Alvarez
Scholarship Award – Teresa Maria
Adult Professional
First Place – Alicia Zaitsu
Second Place – Jennifer Rodriguez
Third Place – Quintin Stringer
Scholarship Award – Nannette Rodriguez
Youth 12 & Under
First Place – Isabel Osorno
Second Place – Jacob Rosenfeld
Third Place – Phaedra Mladenovic
Honorable Mention(s) – Miah Isabella
Teen 13-18
First Place – Annya Monserrat
Second Place – Nicole Francois
Third Place – Robin McFarlane
Scholarship Award – Samantha Herranz
Best of Show – Scott McConachie
Miami Beach