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The following information is to assist in the preparation of press releases for your National Arts Program exhibition. The National Arts Program requires that our name as well as our logo are listed on any publications and press materials created in relation to the NAP exhibit. Please provide drafts of any press releases to the National Arts Program for review.

The National Arts Program - ‘Showcasing the artist within’

About the NAP

For over 30 years, the National Arts Program has ensured that employees and their families have access to opportunities that showcase their creativity.

Creativity exists in all of us, but how we express it is unique. When we have an opportunity to showcase our creativity, and that creativity is acknowledged, we feel pride, connection, and affirmation in ourselves and our talents. That's why the National Arts Program Foundation was established, to provide the resources needed so that anyone can be an artist and any space can be transformed by art.

Every year, the National Arts Program partners with more than 90 venues in 30+ states to create workplace exhibitions where the artistic expression of employees and their families are recognized. By supporting these venues with an online gallery, funding, guidance, cash prizes, and more, they are the only national nonprofit that is dedicated to transforming people and places by showcasing individual creativity.

The National Arts Program invites employees to bring their whole selves to work and show others their creative side. Whether art is a passion, hobby, or another career, they help artists of all levels and backgrounds transform themselves through creative expression. They ensure that creativity is recognized and validated, sometimes for the first time, with prizes, scholarships, and awards programs.

To learn more about the National Arts Program, visit the website:


Kathleen C. Jamieson, President & Chairman
Jackie J. Szafara, Executive Director
Maren C. Reid, Director of Operations

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