VCU Health

The VCU Health NAP Exhibit is held in Richmond, Virginia. Artists invited to participate in this exhibition include VCU Health employees and their immediate family members. The National Arts Program is pleased to provide materials and funding for this visual art exhibit including awards totaling $3,450.

18th Annual Exhibit

Registration Deadline: Jul 17th, 2023
VCU Health
403 N. 13th Street
Richmond , VA 23298
Philip Muzi Branch
Director of Arts in Healthcare

Alexis Shockley
Arts Coordinator
5th Annual Exhibit Spiral of Desire
5th Annual Exhibit
Riccardo Tenti
Relative; Laboratory Dept
4th Annual Exhibit Giovanna Tornabouni
4th Annual Exhibit

Cindy Song
Teen 13-18, First Place
Works on Paper (Pastel)
Relative; Radiation Oncology

4th Annual Exhibit Fish Heads
4th Annual Exhibit

Nathan S. Elder
Professional, First Place
Mixed Media
Relative; Environmental Services

4th Annual Exhibit Alexis, Haley & Tori O'Neill
4th Annual Exhibit

Haley O'Neill
Youth, Scholarship Award
& Tori O'Neill
Youth, Third Place
Relative; Purchasing Department

4th Annual Exhibit Richmond City
4th Annual Exhibit

Paypa Wilfrank
Intermediate, Honorable Mention
Employee; Medical Psychiatry

4th Annual Exhibit Portrait
4th Annual Exhibit

Feng Yue
Amateur, First Place
Works on Paper (Charcoal)
Relative; Decision Support

4th Annual Exhibit Winter Window
4th Annual Exhibit

Varion Haylock
Teen 13-18, Second Place
Works on Paper (Colored Pencil)
Relative; Radiology Dept